Biology Department

Biology department offers the following courses:

A. Sophomores

  1. General Biology I  -  Level 1
  2. General Biology II - Level 1
  3. Plant Form and Function - Level 2
  4. Animal Form and Function - Level 2

B. Bachelor of Science in Education (Biology majors)

  1. Biochemistry, Biometry and Research Methods, Parasitology, Ecology, Biology Teaching Methods I.
  2. Principles of Genetics, Plant Physiology, Freshwater ecology, Introduction to Molecular biology, Biology Teaching Methods II.
  3. Microbiology; Environmental Biology, Evolution, Biodiversity conservation, Biology Teaching Methodology III
  4. Animal Physiology, Plant pathology, Entomology, Human biology, Biology Teaching Methods IV.

C. Bachelor of Science in Education (Biology minors)

  1. Biochemistry and Biology Teaching Methods I
  2. Principles of Genetics and Biology Teaching Methodology II
  3. Microbiology and Biology Teaching Methodology III
  4. Animal Physiology and Biology Teaching Methodology IV


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